The advantages of plastic desks and chairs in kindergarten

- Mar 02, 2019-

Many kindergartens in alternative for the teaching and office supplies also pay more and more attention to the quality and safety. For example, many parents asked kindergarten kindergarten desks and chairs, the choose and buy should give preference to imported engineering plastic blow molding a molding children's desks and chairs. How such a blow molding of engineering plastic chair why can popular?Let's analyze it briefly.

According to different manufacturing materials, it can be divided into three categories, respectively, steel and wood desks and chairs, wood desks and chairs and plastic desks and chairs. Compared with traditional wooden desks and chairs and steel and wood desks and chairs, plastic desks and chairs have the following advantages.

1: colour profusion modelling is diversiform

Due to plastic desks and chairs are the work of engineering materials, choice of the color and the shape is more widely, can use more rich and colorful color, red, yellow, blue, green, for example, vibrant color such as orange, on the design of the modelling also have more imagination space, avoids the tedious, can well meet the requirements of children for fun.

2: design more humane security higher.

Is known to all users in the nursery school desks and chairs are usually 3 to 7 years old children, children at this stage is still growing, most lively and cheerful love to play active naughty, play in the classroom when falling collision is inevitable, it's for nursery school desks and chairs design requirements put forward high request. Often due to plastic desks and chairs used engineering plastic, so the material quality is guaranteed, more environmental protection health. Second because it is a blow molding, so plastic children's desks and chairs, whether internal or appearance relative to wooden and steel wooden desks and chairs, can make moreMellow and smooth, so as to avoid burrs and sharp edges and corners, can ensure the safety of children's daily use.

3: with higher strength and durability

As a result of blow molding, plastic desks and chairs in the use of higher strength and durability, will not appear combined parts loose or parts split state, leading to children in the use of the process of safety accidents.