The advantages of plastic stools

- Feb 13, 2019-

1.Plastic stool shape

   Plastic is a relatively simple raw material, plastic is also very good shape, in the process of shaping only need to heat the raw material appearance (the temperature is not too high), and then cooling for polishing and a series of subsequent operations can be completed.So the appearance of plastic stool is also a variety of, presumably we have seen in the mall.


2. Plastic common function.

  It's made stools, elegant slim, lightweight, easy to carry, simple planning design, construction skills a brief, but appearance style is varied, in brief details of fashionable feeling, but the only fly in the ointment is that the plastic stools of raw material is not strong, use of life is not long, after the sun shining simple fade, rot, but all the plastic stool is still very useful oh.


   Plastic stool smart fashion, warm color, all the selection of one molding skills, quality solid.The goods in this picture of plastic stools are delicate and simple, which do not take up space and are suitable for outdoor use.This plastic stool is made of polypropylene plastic, both in terms of hardness and flexibility have greater improvement, not easy to break, strong bearing capacity.