The Australian state of Victoria may impose a plastic sculpture ban from November

- Jun 25, 2019-

The state government intends to ban all light, single-use plastic shopping bags from November this year.

The Victorian government introduced a bill in parliament on Wednesday that would ban single-use plastic shopping bags at retailers including supermarkets, fashion boutiques, fast food restaurants, convenience stores and gas stations, radio 7 reported.

"Every year, Victoria residents use more than 1 billion single-use plastic bags, of which more than 10 million are spilled into the environment," LilyD 'ambrosio, the state's environment commissioner, told reporters.

In fact, says Mr DE ambrosio, many retailers are already adopting alternatives.

The state government issued a ban on plastic bags in June last year, after consulting with the community to form a law.Plastic packaging of fruits, vegetables and meat, as well as thicker garbage bags, are not covered by the ban.And consumers can still buy thick plastic bags.

The government will also launch an education campaign to help residents understand the ban and its alternatives.

The bill needs the support of neutral MPS to pass the upper house.