The bank of England has unveiled a design for a new £20 plastic note to be launched in 2020

- Oct 12, 2019-

On October 10, 2019, the governor of the bank of England unveiled the design of a new 20 pound plastic note.£20 featuring artist William Turner will be released on February 20, 2020.

The note is based on a polymer and contains complex security features such as two Windows and two-colour foils, making it the safest note.Polymer notes will last longer and last longer than existing paper notes.It also includes a tactile function to help visually impaired people.

Joseph Mallord William Turner (23 April 1775 -- 19 December 1851) was one of the most famous and skilled British artists.The issue of banknotes featuring him is also a tribute to this great artist.

New 20 pounds front

New 20 pounds back

The new 20 pound note features queen Elizabeth on the front.The back of the note features a self-portrait of William Turner.It was painted in 1799 and exhibited at Tate Britain.

Turner self-portrait

Turner's background on the back of the note is "the dreadnast, dragged to pieces", an 1839 painting by Turner.The painting depicts the battleship dreadnought being towed to Hays harbour after being decommissioned.

The painting shows the dauntless as if in mist, the sails of the masts furrowed, heading east, away from the calm sea and the setting sun. An era has ended, and the old glory and passion are now covered with new history.

The small steamboat towed the huge battleship, split the wind and cut the waves, which made people marvel at the power of the steam engine, but also showed the power of the industrial revolution and technology.At this time, the steamship not only led the battleship, but also the whole world.Turner's original intention was to evoke feelings of loss, not just to document the event.The dramatic sunset is at the same level as the old battleship, while the new generation of steam tugboats is vivid and powerful.

The new £20 includes the following features:

-- a large transparent window, blue and gold foil on the front and silver on the back, depicting the margate lighthouse and Turner's contemporary.

The shape of the large window is based on the shape of the fountain in Trafalgar Square.

-- there is a smaller transparent window in the bottom corner, inspired by Tintern Abbey.

- metal hologram of changes between the words "20" and "pound" as the bill tilts.

-- twice printed with the words "bank of England 20 pounds" at the edge of the queen's portrait in a transparent window.

- silver foil patch and coronation crown 3D image.

-- purple foil containing the letter "T", based on Tate Britain's stairs.

In a speech in 1818, Turner quoted the famous saying "light is color".He refers to the innovative use of light, shadow, color and tone in his pictures.Turner is known for his ability to describe the delicate relationship between light and air.

Turner's signature came from his will, which left many of his paintings to the country.

The new pound note will be the first to be signed by Sarah John, the bank of England's chief cashier.She said: "the new £20 is an important part of our commitment to provide people with banknotes they can use with confidence.Our polymer notes are harder to counterfeit, and with £20 becoming our most common note, it marks a big step forward in our fight against counterfeiting.I hope the public will look forward to using the new £20 note from February next year."

The public will be able to use existing £20 notes, which will be withdrawn gradually.