The delegation of China plastics association held cooperative talks with the cooperative of synthetic fat processing machinery of the republic of Korea

- Mar 18, 2019-

On March 12, 2019 in the afternoon, China plastic, chairman of the association wen-wei chu rate China plastic association members of delegation in Korea, including vice President and secretary general zhan-jie wang, deputy secretary general and director of the exhibition Sun Dongquan, convention and exhibition department, assistant director of janin, China plastic professional committee secretary general wang wei to assist agent, etc., and South Korea international exhibition on plastics and rubber (KOPLAS), one of the - South Korea synthetic fat processing machine, chairman of the cooperatives Han Yingxiu, down Han Jiyun held talks, etc.

The south Korean synthetic-fat processing machinery cooperative welcomes the visit of the Chinese plastics association delegation.Han yingxiu, chairman of the board of directors of HanyoungNux company first introduced the 1 technology and product research and development of the company to the delegation of China plastic association in the exhibition booth.Zhu wenwei, chairman of the board of directors of the company praised the technology.

Afterwards, the main members of the synthetic-fat processing machinery cooperative of the republic of Korea watched the promotional video of China plastics processing industry association. The two sides exchanged views on how to promote the cooperation between the plastics processing industries of the two countries in a candid and friendly atmosphere.

Wen-wei chu director introduced China plastic Concorde 2018 overall development situation of China plastics processing industry, such as government policy, standardization and association's role, points out that has 5000 member enterprises above designated size and 39 branches of China plastic (synthetic fat processing machine with South Korea cooperatives have broad cooperation basis.

Han Yingxiu director of China plastic association, a warm welcome to visit delegation in Korea, this paper introduces the south Korean synthetic fat processing machine cooperative work content, members, and the role of in the plastic industry in South Korea, and to the South Korea international exhibition on plastics and rubber, introduces the related situation expressed the hope to further cooperation with China plastic association's desire.

Wang zhanjie, vice chairman and secretary general, made a brief introduction to the activities of China plastics association and the China international plastics exhibition 2020 organized by China plastics association.

China plastics processing industry association and Korea synthetic fat processing machinery cooperative reached cooperative consensus during the exchange and held the signing ceremony of cooperative agreement.The two sides agreed to exchange relevant industrial statistics on the plastics industry of the two countries, exchange relevant publications and industry information, and enhance exchanges and visits between member enterprises of the two sides.

The exchange has played a positive role in promoting the development of the plastics industry of the two countries, and has set up an effective platform for exchanges and publicity in the rok for the China international plastics exhibition 2020