The European Union voted overwhelmingly to pass the bill!Single-use plastics will be banned from 2021

- Apr 03, 2019-

The European parliament voted 560 to 35 Wednesday with 28 abstentions to prevent plastic from polluting the oceans.The rules stipulate that from 2021, all eu countries will be banned from using disposable plastic products such as drinking tubes, tableware and cotton swabs.

The bill specifically prohibits the use of 10 types of disposable plastic products, such as disposable tableware, beverage cups, food bags, straws and plastic bottles.

The eu has also encouraged member states to phase down the use of plastic packaging and adopt stricter labelling rules.

Europe is not a serious area of plastic pollution, but this measure can be a model for the world.

Frans Timmermans, vice President of the European commission.

In addition, he said, countries in Asia and Latin America are interested in the model, which will affect the whole world.

According to the report, previous European Union research on plastic waste pollution pointed out that up to 8 million tons of plastic are estimated to enter the ocean every year.

One mep said that without action, "by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish".

The proposal, which was launched by the European commission in May 2018, promises to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3.4 million tonnes and effectively avoid up to 22 billion euros in pollution losses by 2030.

But the rule was designed to protect the ocean.

In 2017, a photo of a sea turtle wading through a plastic bag caused an uproar, followed by a spate of reports that the turtle was "stuck in a plastic bag and unable to feed" and "15 plastic bags were found after the turtle was dissected."

These tear-jerking images are the latest reminder that plastic waste is wreaking havoc on these adorable sea creatures.

According to German reports, 26 million tons of plastic waste is produced annually in Europe alone.

According to the regulation, plastic tableware, plastic straws, plastic balloon clubs and plastic cotton swabs are all likely to disappear from our future life.

The bill's passage could have a big impact on businesses and workers in the plastics industry.