The light stabilizer makes the helmet safer and more durable

- Apr 01, 2019-

Martogg, a private company in polymer distribution, resin composites and plastic recycling in Australia *, has developed a revolutionary semi-transparent Safety helmet for its customer Sureguard Safety, with basf's light stabilizer playing a vital role.


Thanks to its practical design features and basf's innovative light stabilizer, the new helmet features a translucent top design that improves visibility for wearers and provides lasting protection compared to traditional hard hats.

Hermann Althoff, vice President of performance chemicals * for Asia Pacific at basf, said: "personal protective equipment is necessary to reduce workplace casualties.With basf's light stabilizer, these translucent helmets provide long-lasting uv protection and extend the life of the polymer.

Plastic compounds used in safety applications must be strong and durable enough to meet stringent requirements.Basf's light stabilizer series includes an ultraviolet absorber which protects the polymer by shielding it from ultraviolet light;And hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) can remove free radical intermediates formed in the process of photooxidation.In addition, basf's light stabilizers offer high chemical resistance, extensive compliance with product management, and increased productivity through its more efficient continuous production.

The transparent top of the helmet allows the wearer to look up without the discomfort of having to tilt the head back for too long.The helmet can fit safely without discomfort.

Craig Riley, national sales manager at Martogg, said: "we worked with basf to develop a plastic compound product for our client SureguardSafety.The clear-eyed helmet is made of a high-impact polycarbonate material that is lightweight but exceptionally strong.An industry that values workplace safety and employee comfort will be interested.

The finished helmet comes in a variety of attractive translucent colors to choose from.