The next global nexen era, nexen tires opens a new European factory

- Aug 31, 2019-

Zatek, Czech republic, Aug. 29, 2019 -- Nexen Tire, the world's leading Tire manufacturer, is pleased to announce the grand opening and ribbon cutting of its Nexen Tire Europe Plant in zatek, Czech republic, on Wednesday, Aug. 28, at 10 a.m.

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- Travis Kang, global CEO of nexen tire, gave a welcome speech to kick off the grand opening ceremony and celebrate the big moment

- with open nexon Tire factories in Europe, Nike's tyre built four global r&d and production networks, to welcome the next era nexon "globalization" to prepare for the Czech republic Mr Teck on August 29, 2019, the world's leading Tire manufacturer nexon tires (Nexen Tire) readily, announced on August 28, 10 o 'clock in the morning (Wednesday), the company in the Czech republic Mr Teck for nexon Europe tires factory (Nexen Tire Europe Plant) held a grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony and formally.

The grand opening of nexen's European tire factory was marked by The slogan "The New Wave for The Future", which heralded a New era in nexen's global business.More than 300 guests attended the opening ceremony,Including nexon tire global CEO Travis trade industry vice minister Peter Kang, the Czech republic - Mr Qi ke (Petr Ocko), the governor of Czech uz season ORR Delhi - cloth this Nick (Oldrich Bubenicek), the south Korean ambassador to the Czech republic, Moon Seoung - hyun, teck mayor Zadetz Zdenka Hamousova, core original and rotate tires personnel, business partners, local media, construction workers and staff.The guests celebrated the establishment of nexen tire's four global r&d and production networks and Shared detailed information about nexen tire's unique strategy and technology.

Travis Kang, global chief executive of nexen, said: "in addition to being able to respond more quickly to neighbouring carmakers, opening a European plant will also improve nexen's efficiency.We recognized the importance of getting closer to our customers and built a production base that can respond to customer needs in a more agile and flexible way.As a leading Korean manufacturer with 77 years of knowledge and technology in the tire industry, we plan to increase global production capacity, transcend challenges and take major steps in the global tire industry.

After the opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony, guests will be able to visit the new factory and hear about the "smart factory", which will be able to achieve zero defects in product quality with an operating system that can spot any defects.

Nexen tire Europe began operations in April 2019.The new plant is in the Czech republic and has easy access to European markets such as Germany, France and the UK.Nexen tire Europe will be a large manufacturing facility with r&d centers and smart factories to increase nexen tire's global capacity.