The orange polyamide polyester compound is used in high voltage components of electric vehicles

- Jul 24, 2019-

The use of orange to identify charged plastic sheath components has been widely used in electric vehicles, but developing orange compounds that show high color stability over the long term is a challenge.Lanxess, a materials company, has now succeeded.

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Resin suppliers offer a wide range of orange polyamide (PA) and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) compounds suitable for these types of high-pressure applications.All products will be in RAL 2003(lanxess color standard 200849) tone.The compound will be supplied in both standard formulation and thermal stability, which will help stabilize the color of the components when exposed to high temperatures.

In lanxess high-performance materials recently established business e - mahle PowerTrain team manager Julian Haspel says: "we hope to provide all of our compounds from the underwriters laboratory testing group booking list, which means that the molding to color the products, also don't have to pass time consuming UL certification process, can immediately deploy compounds, help cut costs."

The standard versions of these compounds show high enough color stability to age for 1000 hours at 130 ° c."Thermally stable materials can be set up to withstand up to 1,000 hours at 150 ° c without significant changes in orange," Haspel explained.

The first products to use the new colors include glass fiber reinforced, halogen-free flame retardant PA6 compounds Durethan BKV20FN01, BKV30FN04 and BKV45FN04.One feature here is Durethan BKV45FN04, which is 45% fiberglass reinforced but still easy to flow.It passed the top-grade v-0 UL 94 flammability test with sample thickness of 0.4 mm."The material's high hardness and strength make it suitable not only for structural components such as battery frames and end plates, but also for large high-voltage connectors that require high mechanical stability," Haspel said.The compound also has the characteristic of high tracking resistance at high voltage.This also applies to the other two polyamide variants.For example, the CTI value of orange Durethan BKV30FN04 (IEC 60112) is 600.

Durethan bg30xh3.0 is still the perfect choice for ultra-low warping structural plastics.It is reinforced by a mixture of glass fibers and glass beads.H3.0 heat stabilizer is free of copper and halides to prevent electrical corrosion near live metal parts.

Hydrolyzed glass fiber reinforced PBT composite Pocan BF4232HR is also part of the new product line.In orange state, it also reached v-0 level in UL 94 combustion performance test, and the test sample thickness was only 0.4 mm.Aea's long-term testing of SAE/ uscar-2 rev.5 (specifically designed for plug connectors) demonstrates high hydrolysis resistance.Haspel: "our PBT reached level 5, the strictest variant of the test."

Lanxess will continue to expand its range of orange compounds."We developed custom variations of materials for specific applications based on market demand," Haspel said.