The plastic closed-loop solution won the world star packaging award

- May 25, 2019-

The XTREME wafer regeneration preforming system won the world star packaging award in Prague, Czech republic.The four companies behind the system - Erema, Sipa, Kyoei Industry and suntory - were awarded the award for closed-loop plastic solutions.

From left, Pierre Pienaar(President of world packaging organization), Michael Heitzinger(managing director, Erema), Gianfranco Zoppas (President, Zoppas Industries Group/Sipa), Christoph Woss (business development manager, Erema), Furusawa Eiichi (President, Kyoei) and Munehiko Takada(chief expert, suntory packaging materials division)

The joint development project, launched in 2014 by Japanese recycling company Kyoei Industry and beverage company suntory, combines Erema's vacuum bottle-to-bottle technology with Sipa's Xtreme update prefabricated production system.The system has been operating in Kasama's Kyoei Industry for nearly a year and currently produces 300 million containers a year for suntory.

The vacuum part of the plant purifies the sheet, increasing the viscosity of the input material, and then melts and filters it.Food-grade melt is directly fed into Xtreme injection molding machine.With this system, no further melting process is required (the melting of rPET pellets is necessary in traditional processes).This in turn eliminates the risk of yellowing and the formation of volatile organic compounds.

As a result, the bottles made from these prefabricated parts look very different from other 100%rPET products, Erema said.Christoph Woess, Erema's business development manager for bottle applications, said: "if the washed flakes are of the right quality, inline pre-formed products need not be avoided by comparing them to the original molded product."

Combining purification, IV stabilization, melt filtration and injection molding in one system is said to reduce energy consumption by 30 percent compared with traditional systems.Carbon emissions were also reduced by 25 per cent, making them much less expensive than traditional PET bottles made from rPET ingredients.Because rPET granules are not produced, no additional dryers and storage areas are required, reducing costs.