The tire blew up! The tire repairman was killed on the spot

- Jun 18, 2019-

Recently, tire ring once again occurred tire explosion caused tragedy!


On the morning of June 9, 2019, a tire repairman in Shanxi Province was inflating the tire of a trailer when the tire suddenly exploded. After the explosion, due to the tremendous airflow, the tire repairman and the accident tire were blown to a height of two or three meters.

Several people called 120 times after the accident, but it was too late. By the time the ambulance arrived, the man, who was not very old, had died.

On June 1, in shenhai high-speed fuding toll station, there was also a tire explosion, a heavy semi-trailer tractor tire explosion, fortunately, due to the timely disposal of police, the accident did not cause further losses.

Toll plaza at the time, suddenly a loud noise, a car parked at the toll plaza heavy semi tractor explosion, on the high-speed fuding Shen Hai tollbooth ningde high-speed traffic police immediately come forward to check the situation, the two brigade two squadron police haven't to vehicles, saw the thick black smoke from the rear tyres, burst into flames.

Seeing this situation, the police immediately found the toll station personnel, with a fire extinguisher to go to the fire.

At the same time, police called the fire department for help, risking another explosion in another tire, found the fire and used a fire extinguisher to keep spraying it.

It is understood that because the fire is too big with fire extinguishers have been unable to extinguish, so police immediately around the vehicle and personnel evacuated and king's vehicle into the shu road, then fire departments arrived, lasted 20 minutes of rescue, the fire was finally put out, and then resumed the normal passage of the scene.

Most of the tire explosion with the tire aging and lack of air rolling continue to drive caused by deformation and continue to inflate, so as a driver's friends should also understand more, can not fill the tire should be replaced as soon as possible!

Exploding tires can hurt not only repair workers, but also passers-by and truck drivers.

Safety, whether it is tire manufacturers or drivers or repair workers should be careful.