The trillion-level 5G market has a huge demand for plastics

- Jun 11, 2019-

The ministry of industry and information technology issued 5G commercial licenses to China telecom, China mobile, China unicom and China radio and television on June 6, according to CCTV.The issuance of 5G commercial license also marks the official opening of 5G commercial year in China.


From 2G to 3G, China's Internet industry broke out, and from 3G to 4G, China's mobile phone interconnection broke out comprehensively.Now from 4G to 5G, the Internet of everything in China will also start to explode!

From 4G to 5G, it is a quantitative change from one machine per employee to a qualitative change in lifestyle.5 g communication can provide super fast transfer rate, signal strength, and from the base station end to end, there is no doubt that the arrival of the 5 g is huge demand for plastic market, reduce the plastic of the dielectric constant will be more conducive to improve the signal transmission of intelligent terminal velocity, reduce the signal delay, reducing the loss of signal, then 5 g era will have on the performance of the plastic material which higher quality requirements?

First, 5G communication puts forward higher requirements for modified materials

Modified plastics in the dielectric constant of 5 g communication signal of millimeter wave transmission speed, such as loss of signal, signal delay is large, the demand for modified plastics 5 g communication is necessarily not less, to study and improve the performance of the modified materials, reduce the dielectric constant of modified plastics, in order to improve the signal transmission speed of 5 g communications terminal, reduce the loss and reduce the delay will be a plastic enterprise key thing to do.

In the era of 5G, modified plastics can be used for equipment components such as outer frame, keyboard, back cover, middle frame and bracket, etc., with the functions of shell covering, decoration, support and connection.

Therefore, how to seize the development trend of 5G technology and produce more modified plastics in line with the requirements of 5G communication will be the stepping stone for plastic enterprises to meet the advent of 5G era.

Second, the metal material on the back of the phone will gradually be replaced by plastic

MIMO technology adopted by 5G requires the deployment of a large number of antennas in mobile phones. Currently, the metal materials used in mobile phones will interfere with the signal, so it is a trend to abandon the metal materials used in the back cover of mobile phones and use plastic, glass or ceramic instead!

And plastic has the advantages of good fall resistance, durable light and low cost, so how to maintain the characteristics of easy processing of plastic, low cost, on the basis of accelerating the improvement of the quality of plastic material is the direction of plastic enterprises need to focus on.

* with the arrival of 5G era, 5G intelligence and the Internet of vehicles need to invest a lot of electronic and electrical products, which will promote the use of plastics in an indirect way. For example, in the structure of new energy power batteries, supports, frames and end plates usually choose flame-retardant PPE, PC/ABS alloy and flame-retardant reinforced PA material.

In the rubber and plastic exhibition in 2019, there are many exhibits about 5G technology, such as the 5G technology and 5G products brought by dupont, kemo and polyplastics are very eye-catching!


Dupont presents its overall solution for the future 5G

Speed, reliability and flexibility are the core points of 5G service. Around these core points, dupont 5G ecosystem solutions cover infrastructure, terminal equipment, commercial applications and other aspects.This will allow 5G users to enjoy a colorful life of high-speed connections and low-latency interactions.

For high-speed connections, dupont offers a range of solutions including antenna materials, high-speed connectors, and optical distribution network (ODN).

For company

The company has brought fluoropolymer technology to support 5G ecological networks.

The fluoropolymer resin demonstrated by kemo Teflon™ improves the electrical performance of cable insulation components and sheaths, and is unmatched in fire safety.These features are critical for cabling systems for local area networks, data centers, and other high-performance telecommunications applications.

Treasure to cut plastic

Polyplastics has led to the application of 5G material LCP.

Poly has a special low dielectric LCP, and the low permittivity and high fluidity permittivity can achieve 2.8.It can be applied in mobile phone, Internet of things, VR, intelligent car, base station and thermal management system.

Actually 1 g to 5 g for mobile communications through the history is not long, * generation of wireless communication system was born in the 1980 s, today has more than 30 years, however, is a standard after 80, it also suggests that the pace of progress of science and technology is very rapid, * constant is change the world, in this rapidly changing era, who can catch the opportunity and who can bring first step!