The world's largest single propane dehydrogenation reactor was successfully hoisted into place

- Jan 09, 2020-

Recently, Qingdao jinneng new materials co., LTD., the world's largest propane dehydrogenation project with a single production capacity of 900,000 tons/year, successfully lifted two product separation towers and eight reactors on December 31, 2019, achieving an important milestone of the project.At this point, the project large equipment lifting task completed.24. The JPGThe project has 8 reactors, each weighing 299.4 tons, with a diameter of 7.95 meters and a length of 20.2 meters.The equipment shall be turned over for site installation, which is a dangerous project.In this project, two product separation towers are hoisted in 13 sections, among which the no.1 product separation tower is hoisted in 7 sections, with a total weight of 3200 tons, which is the heaviest separation tower in the world.Qingdao jinneng new materials co., LTD. 's 900,000 ton/year propane dehydrogenation project and 450,000 ton/year polypropylene plant are the first batch of new and old kinetic energy conversion projects in shandong province.The Catofin process adopted in 900,000 tons/year propane dehydrogenation project has the world's largest single-line capacity.The 450,000 ton/year polypropylene project adopts Basell's Spheripol ring process, with the largest single-line capacity in China.Two, after the completion of the project will form a considerable scale, production process of green environmental protection, propane dehydrogenation of by-product hydrogen exhaust gas as the project carbon black plant reactor fuel gas, and to provide energy for carbon black production, produced carbon black plant tail gas boiler heat supply in turn device using propane dehydrogenation and achieve the efficient utilization of resource and scientific integration, established a unique model of circular economy.The upstream and downstream industrial chain relationship has been formed between each process device, the supply of raw materials is stable, and the cost advantage is prominent, which will bring good economic and social benefits to the local area.