These two nestle product packaging won the easy plastic recycling design award

- Nov 22, 2019-

The two-day award ceremony for the TOP10 innovative applications of recycled plastics was held in suzhou. The event was organized by the plastic recycling branch of China synthetic resin association.27. The JPGThrough the grade-by-level review, the packaging of two products applied by nestle won the TOP10 award of plastic easy recycling design.This award affirms the application of nestle's environmentally friendly recyclable plastic packaging materials in 2019. Nestle youmayi recyclable plastic packaging composite film and baby nutrition bio-based plastic milk powder were listed and finally won the honor.These products have been successfully launched in 2019."This award is an encouragement for nestle to promote environmentally sustainable plastic packaging in China, and this is just a good start," said wang xuetao, director of packaging at nestle group, at the award presentation.In the future, nestle hopes to play a more driving role in the sustainable innovation of packaging materials and the creation of a future without waste.Hope to bring value to plastic recycling in China."China synthetic resin association and other evaluation institutions gave full recognition to nestle's efforts in actively adopting recyclable plastic packaging materials. They believed that nestle took green design as its corporate strategy and constantly practiced it in the product definition to achieve practical results.Biological materials instead of petroleum-based materials, the use of layer varnish, are worth promoting learning.As a world-renowned food, beverage and nutrition brand, tackling the challenges of plastic waste and striving to achieve zero environmental impact in its operations is an important part of nestle's commitment to create Shared value for shareholders and the society.In 2018, nestle proposed a "global packaging commitment" to achieve 100% recycling or reusable packaging in all packages by 2025.