Tiangang international rubber & plastic exhibition

- May 22, 2019-

The 33rd China international plastics and rubber industry exhibition has opened in great anticipation. As the highlight of the rubber and plastics industry in 2019, many outstanding enterprises from the rubber and plastics industry at home and abroad will gather in guangzhou to display cutting-edge technologies and discuss the future of the industry.

As an international event of rubber and plastic industry held in China, the 2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition will undoubtedly provide a window for China's rubber and plastic enterprises to see the world and a stage to show the glory of national brands.

In recent years, with the gradual strengthening of national enterprises' consciousness of technological innovation, domestic rubber and plastic enterprises have made great progress. Many enterprises' technologies and products have reached the international level and entered the international market, among which Beijing tiangang additives co., ltd. is one of them.

During the exhibition, the team of huicong plastic net walked into the booth of tiangang, and liu gang, deputy general manager of Beijing tiangang additives co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as general manager liu) accepted the exclusive interview of huicong plastic net.

Liu gang (first from left), deputy general manager of Beijing tiangang auxiliary agent co., LTD., took a group photo with huicong network key account manager at the exhibition

Liu gang (first from left), deputy general manager of Beijing tiangang auxiliary agent co., LTD., took a group photo with huicong network key account manager at the exhibition

Beijing tiangang auxiliaries co. LTD

Beijing tianggang additives co., LTD., is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and production of high-performance polymer additives, is one of the early professional enterprises engaged in the development and production of anti-aging functional materials technology.

As a science and technology production enterprises, the highest day company attaches great importance to product quality and technological innovation, not only on the main products of various performance indicators have reached international advanced level, and more on technology and research and development for many years continuously, continuous to fill a number of domestic blank, have multiple products with independent intellectual property rights and a number of invention patents.

The products of tiangang have a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets, and are in an advantageous position in key markets. The products are exported to many major countries and regions such as Europe, North America and Asia, and are selected by many international famous enterprises.

Welcome to tiangang booth (booth number: 13.2C31) at the 33rd China international plastics and rubber industry exhibition.

Highest day

Double sword scabbard tiangang with innovative fu product edge

As an old friend of national rubber and plastic exhibition, tiangang has participated in it for several times, and the participating enterprises from all over the world have witnessed the innovative strength of tiangang.

According to liu, the rubber and plastic products show the highest day has the two characteristics, namely the high molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer Tiangang ® HS - 625 and Tiangang ® XT - 8, they are the highest day the advantage of independent research and development products, and also a symbol of plough technology innovation.

Speaking of these two products to really come, it can be described as full of honor.

"These two products have obtained the global * chemical structure code, commonly known as CAS number, issued by the American chemical society, and become new members of the world's chemical structure family," liu said in an interview.

What's more, these two new chemical structures with high molecular weight blocked amine light stabilizers have also obtained the REACH registration in Europe and the TSCA registration in the United States, which opens the door for China's polymer light stabilizers to go global.

According to the huicong plastic network, these two products are the research and development results of the tiangang research and development team for nearly a decade, after the long-term test of the Chinese market, as a successful foreign research and development since the 1970s, the traditional high molecular weight blocked amine light stabilizer 944 and other important replacement products.

Liu said: the two products are not only a replacement for the traditional products, but also an upgrade, we give products more advantages.

The advertising of tiangang at the exhibition site

The advertising of tiangang at the exhibition site

Here's a sneak peek at some of the features:

Tiangang ® HS - 625: has the characteristics of low alkali, polymer and high efficiency, especially suitable for the influence of acid in the presence of certain harsh environments, such as agricultural greenhouse film, artificial turf, solar film, water floats, cable, etc.;

Tiangang ® XT - 8: is a representative of the international advanced level of high molecular weight N - OR light stabilizer, at present the market give highly praise.

Tiangang this exhibition is tiangang + tanaka new materials luxury lineup, as tiangang nano-technology enterprises tanaka new materials, the products on display are equally outstanding, the main push of two products nylon special enhancement effect masterbatch series and Tinabio mildew and antimicrobial series products.

As for the products exhibited by tynaco new materials, general manager liu said: the products exhibited by tynaco new materials are of cross-era significance. Just as its advertising slogan says, "create new possibilities for plastics".

Nylon specific enhancement and synergetic masterbatch series: can be simply mixed in PA6, the resin performance can be greatly improved, almost PA66 performance.

For downstream companies, which have suffered from the soaring price of PA66, the timing could not be better.

Tinabio anti-mildew and anti-bacterial series: the material can reach grade 0 anti-mildew, anti-bacterial and anti-green algae with very low addition amount.

This is almost impossible with conventional mildew - resistant antibacterial products.

Innovation inputs create future products

"Scientific and technological innovation, independent research and development" has always been the development concept of tianggang based on the industry, and after many years has become its magic weapon to win.

Plough field for many years deep light stabilizer, and the development way for independent innovation, take the customer demand as the guidance, insist on the material at a lower cost on the premise of higher service life, easy to adapt to more stringent environmental requirements, and faster response to customer application formula demand, plough in the field of product research and development input, it has also made the products get the CAS number of outstanding achievements, and now still continue.

As we have learned, in the lab of day gang, similar the new product that has cross-era meaning still has many kinds, in next a few years can appear in succession.

In targeted Turner branch new nanoscale materials has achieved industrialization, a number of scientific research and the future research direction on a few materials such as nylon, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), high-performance and mildew antibacterial material two major direction, with the power of science and technology promote the development of industry, to create new materials may.

In this regard, general manager liu said: whether in the field of light stabilizer or targeted nanotechnology, the innovative path of tiangang will not change, but also play a more brilliant light.

The exhibition has started and tianggang staff is ready

The exhibition has started and tianggang staff is ready

Independent research and development of the core strength of the gang to achieve rapid growth

Today's market demand is changing at a high speed, so how to quickly grasp the market demand, how to quickly and accurately provide customers with the materials or products they need, has become an important means for enterprises to fight for the market, and one of the solutions is the high efficiency of enterprises in the research and development field.

As plastic material aging proof in the field of professional technical services and products, highest day for many years to build a development system layout support for today's market, can quickly to help clients formula selection and optimization, at reasonable cost to meet customer increasing the service life of the requirements, it is precisely that efficiency to achieve the rapid growth of the plough.

Mr Liu: highest day 2019 sales performance is very good, in the part of the traditional market is saturated growth is slowing, as well as a trade war with China part of the product was imposed a 10% tariff of adverse circumstances, through the deep excavation market potential and increase the application field, explore new market, still maintaining high double-digit growth, especially the highest day unique chemical structure of the product has obtained the very good growth.

We expect growth in traditional markets to continue to slow, while "blue ocean" markets developed through efficient research and development will continue to emerge.

Therefore, tiangang will continue to follow the path of independent research and development, innovation and service enhancement.

As the saying goes, "a person must be crazy, and then successful", the success of tianggang proves the truth, "crazy" in innovation and research and development, "into" today's market recognition.