Uniqlo will start selling quick-dry clothes made from discarded plastic bottles in 2020

- Sep 26, 2019-

Japan's fast retailing group, which operates casual clothing brand uniqlo, announced Tuesday that it will cooperate with toray to produce clothes from used plastic bottles, jiji news agency reported.The product will go on sale in the spring and summer of 2020, a move the company hopes will appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

In an interview in London, President and President yanai expressed his confidence in the product, saying: "consumers, especially young people, are sensitive to the sustainability of development.And European consumers are very environmentally conscious.So I think people will definitely accept it."

Although fibre from plastic bottles has been recycled before, the improved quality of the fibre by removing foreign matter is a feature.The company plans to first apply the technology to DryEX, a fast-drying garment, which will also be worn by tennis player Roger federer, who has a sponsorship contract with uniqlo.