Waste plastic second half life strong counterattack!Four tons of plastic waste to build a school

- Jun 11, 2019-

Today, more and more people begin to pay attention to the recycling of garbage and think about how to turn waste into treasure. But have you heard that plastic waste can be used to build schools?

The chemical giant dow is working with the Colombian non-profit group Conceptos Plasticos to launch Aulas Verdes, which USES bricks made from plastic waste to build schools in underused communities.

It is understood that cell phone use through the local clearing 12 tonnes are difficult to recycle plastic waste, the plan in Colombia has built three schools, each plastic schools use 4 tons of plastic waste, according to the AulasVerdes, the project USES technology can reduce 30% of carbon emissions, and lower water consumption in the building process, so the cost of construction is 30% lower than the traditional model.

Build such a clean and environmentally friendly school, so that they can learn to grow up in a home.

Colombia, a South American country with a large number of poor people, reported a deficit of 30,000 schools in 2016, disproportionately affecting students in poor, rural or remote areas.Colombia, meanwhile, is struggling with recycling rates as low as 17 percent.

Dow has promised to build 15 more schools by the end of 2019, plus the plastic bricks to transfer 300 tons of plastic waste a month from landfills or the natural environment.

This is killing two birds with one stone, helping the environment and helping Colombia's students affected by the school deficit!

There are always people who produce garbage and there are always people who lack houses.

Similarly, in Colombia Oscar did the same thing, except that he built houses.

Oscar was born and raised in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, a city about a quarter the size of Shanghai.

"If people are producing waste everywhere and most people lack a house, why not just use it as building material?That solves two problems perfectly!"

So Oscar team spent 12 years of time to do research and experiment, finally developed can send building houses built of brick "plastic", Oscar also draw lessons from the lego square, groove raised interlocking structure principle to design the plastic bricks, so only took 5 days 4 people, garbage of plastic, electronic waste and old tires, can build area of 40 ㎡, two rooms one hall, fire shock not only, also portable disassembly.

And this is not an innovative experiment. Such houses have been popping up on the streets of Colombia, helping thousands of homeless people find shelter over the years.

Nowadays, plastic pollution has become a worldwide problem. They are also troubled by plastic pollution and are making the world a better place in their own way.