With the new injection molding machine, BHP billiton will take part in CHINAPLAS 2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition

- May 13, 2019-

CHINAPLAS2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition will be held in guangzhou · pazhou · China import and export commodities fair from May 21 to 24, 2019. It is expected to bring together more than 3,400 leading exhibitors from all over the world, with an exhibition area of more than 250,000 square meters, and create a rubber and plastic innovation banquet to more than 180,000 professional visitors from 150 countries and regions.

As a high-tech enterprise producing injection molding machines, foshan nanhai speituo plastic machinery co., ltd. is also one of the exhibitors of CHINAPLAS2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition. The booth number of CHINAPLAS2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition is 12.1D31.


Foshan nanhai sibituo plastic machine co., LTD. Is a company combining Chinese and German technology, based on the business philosophy of providing customers with products and design and development of new models.

Its modular design scheme fully considers the personalized requirements of customers.

Strong technical support system to understand customer needs, to provide customers with a complete set of solutions.

For a long time, committed to serving the vast customer base at home and abroad.

Customers are located in Mexico, Vietnam, myanmar, Malaysia, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Syria, Turkey and other countries.

The company insists that the product is the soul, the quality is the life, the service is the public praise.

Provide suitable products for customers in a fast and efficient way.

With great enthusiasm, we will spare no effort to promote the success of customers and realize their dreams. We will dig deeply into the needs of customers and rely on dribs and drabs of unremitting hard pursuit.

This year, foshan nanhai spiro plastic machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as spiro) will present the CHINAPLAS2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition with spt-se oil-electric composite high-speed injection molding machine and spt-pet bottle embryo special machine (9opet-650pet).

SPT-SE high speed injection molding machine


The picture shows spt-se high speed injection molding machine

The high - speed injection molding machine with oil - electric compound can save energy and bring precision and repeatable production.

Not only to create greater economic benefits for customers, but also to meet the needs of global energy saving.

Moreover, in the pressure control switching, the electro-hydraulic compound high-speed machine reaction speed is at least 4-5 times more than the hydraulic machine, can achieve more accurate, more stable, more high-speed shooting speed.

Especially for high precision plastic parts and mobile phones and other high precision electronic products shell.

Spt-pet bottle embryo machine (9opet-650pet)


Spt-pet bottle embryo machine (9opet-650pet)

PET special injection molding equipment is developed with the carbonated beverage industry filling, and then rapidly expanded to food, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides and many other fields.

The strong demand of the bottle embryo puts forward higher performance requirements for the special injection molding equipment for PET bottle blank.

International PET preform injection molding equipment with excellent performance keeps pouring into China, which promotes the rapid development of PET preform in China and brings up certain technical content of China's PET preform injection molding equipment. Meanwhile, it also enables domestic PET preform injection molding equipment company to carry out technical innovation on this platform.

There are two key technical aspects in the shaping of PET preform: the special injection molding machine for PET preform and the mold for PET preform. In order to better coordinate the two, BHP's PET special injection molding machine has improved many breakthrough projects in design:

The finite element analysis of reasonable safety coefficient of the five major plates and key parts ensures the safety of stress and displacement deformation, so as to ensure the rigidity of each mechanism, good repeatability, rapid mold opening speed, uniform deformation of the template, and play a good role in protecting the performance of PET preform group cavity mold. It is applicable to high-end PET mold at home and abroad.

The special new PET screw design ensures the plasticization efficiency and quality, and improves the PET molding easily produced bubbles, silver wire and other defects;

Large thimble force, more suitable for PET deep cavity mold;

Special oil circuit design greatly shortens the production cycle;

The amount of injection is 30% more than the general equipment, which can perfectly match the market positioning of customers.

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