The Origin Of The Stool

- Aug 03, 2018-

The stool is simple in use and widely used, so it is much larger than the number of chairs circulated.

The shape of the stool is very rich, the appearance of the early is rectangular, has been extended to the Ming Dynasty, to the Qing dynasty into a square, there are fan-shaped, plum-shaped, hexagonal stool. Stool materials North and South, the south of the stool for weaving rattan surface, the north is more use cowhide, the advantages of both materials are breathable, soft.

To the Qing dynasty, there was a marble-dominated stool, sitting up cool, looking beautiful. Originally as a NES stool, to the Ming and Qing dynasties have more uses. On both sides of the bed as a footstool, placed in the cupboard, with a number of functions, placed potted plants, bonsai. As for the house of the tall top wall cabinet, ascend to take objects. In the temple, as the retreat of the NES, so here the stool sitting surface is generally wide and short, the modelling is simple and elegant.

Farm use of the stool is rugged, simple, stool generally thicker, looks simple and solid.